ASIL Annual Meeting

Hello all, this event is a little far off still, however, if you like to plan things to perfection, this is a good international law event to put on your calendar. The ASIL Annual Meeting will be taking place at the Capitol Hill Hyatt Regency in Washington DC, from April 12-15. ASIL has issued a save-the-date, which you can find in the link below. We have an ASIL membership! Please use it to your networking and educational advantage! If you need help planning transportation or accommodations, I love that sort of thing, so email me. Hope you can make it!

ASIL Annual Meeting 2017

International & Comparative Law Certificate


If you are interested in receiving a certificate in International and Comparative Law, you have until the end of your fourth semester at VLS to do so (if you are a JD candidate; if you are any other kind of student, you have until the end of your second semester). The certificate is an indication of your focus on international law during your studies. In order to receive the International and Comparative Certificate, you must complete 18 credits in international, foreign, and comparative law courses, and you must maintain an overall cumulative GPA of 3.00 in courses used towards the certificate requirements. You do not need to complete any credits in addition to the 87 required for graduation, as all 18 will count towards your degree.

Check out the declaration form for greater detail, and if you’re interested, please contact me ( to schedule a time to meet with the ICLP director.


First Assignments & Syllabi


Hey All– Orientation is coming up soon (August 22nd!) and classes will follow shortly. There is a bulletin board in the hallway of Oakes that has first assignments posted on it, but if you want a copy you can return to, visit the Book Lists & Reading Assignments page under Resources on the VLS website. Syllabi and book lists are included online as well, which can give you a good start on preparing for your classes. Find it all here: First Assignments & Syllabi.

VLS Campus


Vermont Law School’s campus isn’t exactly labyrinthine, but even so, in the first weeks, it can be a little difficult to know exactly which attractive old Victorian you’re supposed to be meeting someone in. In case you’re having a little difficulty deciphering the names and locations–or if you’d like to prepare yourself to be an expert navigator in advance–we’ve got a handy little digital map to help you out (right HERE). And if you’re really having a hard time, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Learning About the ICLP


Of course, one of the best places to learn about the amazing breadth and depth of the International and Comparative Law Program at Vermont Law School, is at our homepage on the VLS website, which can be found HERE. Perhaps the first important thing to know, the above-featured fearless leader is the ICLP’s director, Professor Pam Stephens.