ASIL Annual Meeting

Hello all, this event is a little far off still, however, if you like to plan things to perfection, this is a good international law event to put on your calendar. The ASIL Annual Meeting will be taking place at the Capitol Hill Hyatt Regency in Washington DC, from April 12-15. ASIL has issued a save-the-date, which you can find in the link below. We have an ASIL membership! Please use it to your networking and educational advantage! If you need help planning transportation or accommodations, I love that sort of thing, so email me. Hope you can make it!

ASIL Annual Meeting 2017

International Law Students Association Meeting 2016

This is a conference that will be taking place in New York, on the weekend of October 27-29. It is free to students, and an excellent networking opportunity, as well as a chance to visit New York during one of the best times to be there.

Here is a snippet of the Conference description:

“The unifying theme for ILW 2016 is International Law 5.0:

The world is changing at an accelerating rate. From technological advances to environmental transformations, international lawyers are forced to confront emerging forces and new scenarios. Even settled principles of law are no longer settled. These tectonic shifts have been felt throughout the geography of international law. Legal professionals at every level – local, national, regional, and international – must change their practice to meet a changing world. Innovation will become necessary for survival. 

ILW 2016 will explore these issues through a diverse collection of engaging and provocative panels.”

Hop on the train, or carpool down together!

All information available at the Conference website: ILSA Conference 2016

Learning About the ICLP


Of course, one of the best places to learn about the amazing breadth and depth of the International and Comparative Law Program at Vermont Law School, is at our homepage on the VLS website, which can be found HERE. Perhaps the first important thing to know, the above-featured fearless leader is the ICLP’s director, Professor Pam Stephens.


Vermont Law School Alumni in France.

VLS alumni in Paris and at OECD. Ms. Gretchen Oldham & Ms. Ashley Santner. Inside OECD Chateau Entrance 18th February 2011 Paris, France


The ICLP has a spiffy new Facebook page, come say hi! You can find us HERE just hanging out on the internet, waiting to answer your questions, receive and publish your cool photographs (we give credit), or help you find what you’re looking for. Facebook is also an easy way to connect with current and past students, share information, and generally stay abreast of the quick-paced scholastic life.